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Irish, Russian, German, and English. And extremely proud of all of them

My name's Israel and I love to be unique. 16 years old, obsessed with music and Doctor Who. I hate authority, but people can't be trusted to live without it. Scarves and rings are pure love.

I have a habit of rapidly posting Doctor Who content, and almost everything I post has my own touch, or is my own content. I will also occasionally post lyrics parodying
a song by making it about Doctor Who in some way.

Being my own person and going against trends gets me ostracized, but that's okay. I don't want anything to do with plastic people. To end this nonsense, I have a George Carlin Quote. "I'm hanging in, there ain't no doubt, and I'm hanging tough, over and out".


Anonymous asked
Hey! So, I would like to know -- what is your favourite type of gift? Handcrafted gifts, specifically.

Hello ^_^ .. Hmm…. Pretty much anything is special, especially if it’s handmade :)

Anonymous asked
I'm sorry, I've been really really scared to talk to you for a while now, but...hi. I just wanted to say that I love your blog, and...you seem to be really great.

Hi! I’ve been fantastic, thanks :) .. & I am glad you enjoy my blog~ .. I wish I had more time to post though :S

Really, people? It’s obviously Sydney.
…. My god, people are idiots sometimes. 

Really, people? It’s obviously Sydney.

…. My god, people are idiots sometimes. 

My reaction to Peter Capaldi taking over as The Doctor.

So, Matt Smith’s tenure as The Doctor is coming to an end, and Peter Capaldi has been confirmed as the new Doctor. My first reaction was “Damn…. It’s not David Thewlis?’ .. However, after watching some things that Peter Capaldi has starred in, I have developed the opinion that he will be an absolutely fantastic Doctor. His attitude suits the role perfectly, and he’s not too overrated. 

The fact that so many people are being age-ist towards him really bugs me. I mean, look at William Hartnell, or Jon Pertwee. They were older, but they still made fantastic Doctors. I will admit that after the youthful Matt Smith and David Tennant, it will be weird at first. However, there is no reason it should affect the show in the slightest. The Doctor is The Doctor, through the good and bad, and the old and young. And Peter Capaldi seems like he will bring a new attitude to the show. A darker, more thoughtful one to contrast Matt Smith’s kooky, slightly egocentrical attitude.

So, good luck to Peter Capaldi, I have a feeling he will be amazing.